We showcase emerging artists, and provide help to let them know what is needed to get into the Music Industry. Whether they are a young band wanting to get their first gigs or an artist that has been working the circuit, our approach can help them to get the next stage. Take a look at the Get Known be heard channel on youtube, to see the results of the Get Known Artist development programme.  It’s all about promotion and musical development.

Live performance videos can take place with or without an audience. Sessions take place in either; Hamford Studio, Decoy Studios or a range of venues including disused churches, warehouses including outdoor shoots.



“The music industry has changed significantly, and artists and bands have to progress their career themselves. Not only are they expected to write and play music, but they must have a strong social media following, release their own music and make live performances. The days of sending an EP to a major label and them signing you to a contract have gone. “

The UK music industry is a multi-billion-pound operation but often young people who take a degree course are unlikely to recoup the cost of their education. It is also difficult for young artists to afford the costs of self-promotion, production of recorded music and opportunities to perform. They gain little income from playing to fund their progression, often venues expect them to play for free or gain a share of ticket sales. This project provides fully funded hands on experience, facilities and support.

Through this project We are Music provides an equipped studio for creative writing and recording with a range of DAW software. Practical studio courses will pass on professional studio tips. A studio engineer is provided to work alongside the young musicians and the project encourages the production and distribution of a digital single release. The project has links with industry professionals who will give feedback.

Live performance videos will be produced to enable the bands and artists to provide a showcase, primarily used to gain performance opportunities from venues. In additional through industry contacts the project will network playing opportunities for young bands.


Contact Toby on 07713336919 or via toby@getknown.org

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