What are the plans for the Get Known programme?


We are delighted to confirm that we have secured Youth Music funding for the next two years to support Get Known. Now with the effect of COVID killing live performances it is essential to provide activities and support to motivate and help young bands and artists.   The project supports: –

  • Two one-year internships
  • Studio support to create, develop and record new material. After the studio sessions, our engineering staff will be pleased to mix your tracks or provide you with files that you can mix at home
  • A Music Industry Bridge that provides access to get your music heard by industry professionals
  • Live events scheduled to start in spring 2021
  • Live performance videos
  • Support with information on what actions would assist your progress


Most people are now familiar with the changes that have occurred in the music industry, particularly the changing role of major labels and the growth of streaming. It’s often a long path to securing a major label or publisher deal as the artist or band grows their skill set to succeed in the industry and several of the functions can be developed by the artists themselves. The music industry has changed significantly, and artists and bands have to progress their career themselves. Not only are they expected to write and play music, but they must have a strong social media following, release their own music and make live performances. It is inceasingly difficult now with the decimation of live performance opportunities through COVID.

The UK music industry is a multi-billion-pound operation but often young people who take a degree course are unlikely to recoup the cost of their education. It is also difficult for young artists to afford the costs of self-promotion, production of recorded music and opportunities to perform. They gain little income from playing to fund their progression, often venues expect them to play for free or gain a share of ticket sales.

This project provides funded hands on experience, facilities and support. For any of the services shown below please contact Toby on 077130336919 or toby@getknown.org

Live performance videos are shot in our studio or at various unusual venues for solo acts and bands. Our Get Known channel has more than 100 bands and artists and the service is free. Click on image to access youtube channel.

If you are working on new material and need a creative space to write and create a scratch track our studio is available with an engineer . If you can fit in we can provide free studio time.

We organise gigs and events such as the Landslide Festivals to showcase young acts. Our contacts help us enable bands to get performance opportunities.