Given we comply with Government Guidelines for COVID 19 Safeguarding we plan to start regular Monday and Wednesday sessions on 1st June.  These sessions will be free and hopefully run through to the beginning of September without break.

Anyone that does not feel well should not attend the session. One band at a time will enter the building with a specific start time, hand sanitiser will be provided on entry and the band will move directly into a rehearsal room. These will be marked with tape to ensure 2 metre separation. We request that all musicians bring their own instruments with plectrum and drumsticks. Mics will have new filters and will be changed after every band.  We would prefer non-vocalists to wear a protective mask and you can make your own style. After finishing the session, the band will move directly out of the building. All bands will have accurate arrival times so that we get no mixing of bands when they go in and out. Should all work out fine and should be easier than it sounds!