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Hamford Studio will be used to provide bands and artists with a recording session and live performance video funded by Youth Music. The studio time and engineering staff are paid by grant funding from Youth Music. The Studio complies with Government Guidelines for COVID 19 Safeguarding.

After the session, the engineering staff will be pleased to mix your track or provide files that you can mix at home. The studio is also available for private hire incuding two day sessions with camping.

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We are all excited to announce our outdoor Big Summer Gig at Hamford View. Our young bands can’t wait to show what they can do! Tickets are £5 with children free and can be obtained from Rock School or Hamford View.
The Rock School centre is running regular rehearsal sessions on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Our facility exceeds Government Guidelines for COVID 19 Safeguarding.

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We are delighted, in these difficult times, to announce that we have secured funding from Youth Music through to July 2022 to continue and expand our work. The funds support all aspects of our current operation including GET KNOWN, the Rock School and provide funding for two Internships.

We are Music is a registered charity helping people through popular music. We strive to provide for the advancement of young people through music into the music industry, and education. There are two components of our work:-

We are Music –  For young people between sixteen and twenty five we help them advance their careers by providing fully funded :-

  • Get Known -A Live performance video to showcase the artist
  • Hamford Studio -Studio space to work, develop material, extend their skills and record a  single
  • Support as an Event promoter- providing live gigs and mini-Festivals.
  • Development support for young artists providing them with useful information through Industry contacts.

Rock School 

  • We support young people from nine to eighteen providing regular band sessions, led by Music Leaders, three days per week, during term times in our Harwich facility.
  • Performance opportunities at Gigs.